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Pray that the Truth of Christmas Will Change Many Lives

DECEMBER Prayer Focus

In this very special month as we celebrate the coming of our Saviour, your prayer is so incredibly important. Because as we proclaim the Good News of Jesus through the media around the globe, people’s hearts are more open than ever to receive it – to receive Him – into their hearts. 

So here are some specific prayer points that we have no doubt the Lord will answer. Thank you for praying with us!

      • Pray for the global “Alive+Active” Appeal launched this month. Ask the Lord to open the hearts of His people in great generosity, to help provide the resources to allow us, together, to proclaim Christ across this Christmas/New Year season.
      • Please keep praying for breakthroughs in broadcasting in South Africa and Australia as we work with new radio and television networks to broadcast Christianityworks Bible teaching programs to take the Gospel farther and wider. We have been working with some of these broadcasters for a very long time … and we are believing that God will bring some breakthroughs through our prayer together. This is a longstanding prayer point … so let’s be persistent in bringing this before the Lord, just as He taught us to be (Luke 11:5-13).
      • Pray that the Holy Spirit would open the hearts of those who don’t yet know Jesus – especially those for whom loved ones and friends have been praying for many years – that they may come to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ through Christianityworks’ many season-specific Christmas messages.
      • Pray that the Lord will bless all those involved in the ministry of Christianityworks – the board members, staff, volunteers, specialist contractors, those who pray and those who support the ministry financially. May His blessings fall on them and their loved ones as they celebrate the coming of Jesus, the Saviour of the world!
      • Pray for persecuted Christians all around the globe. Ask the Lord to protect them, to comfort them, to give them courage and to speak to them through His Spirit and His Word. May He use the ministry of Christianityworks to reach them in secret, and speak His love into their hearts. 
      • Pray especially for the many Christian media ministries around the world who proclaim the Good News of Jesus across the airwaves, so often in such difficult circumstances. May the Lord work powerfully through them and encourage all those who give so much to be used of Him for His glory.
      • Give thanks for the coming of our Saviour in your life and in the lives of your loved ones. Pray especially for those in your sphere of influence who don’t yet know Christ as their Saviour. May He speak powerfully to them through the message of Christmas – a Father’s great love for His children

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Now, We would also love to pray for you …

That’s what PowerfulPrayer.org is all about!

Why “Powerful Prayer”? Because the only sort of prayer the Bible teaches about is the sort that has powerful results!!

Just post your prayer request on the site (only the first letter of your Christian name and your country will be displayed) and all of a sudden, you’ll have the Christianityworks Global Prayer Army interceding on your behalf!!

And for each prayer request that you post, please … pray for at least 3 other people and leave 1 encouraging comment.

Check it out. Remember, the only sort of prayer the Bible teaches about is the sort that has powerful results!



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