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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Healthy Living to a Ripe Old Age

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We live in a world where people are getting fatter by the minute. The so–called ‘Western diet’ is cutting the average life short by 12 years – through heart disease, diabetes and stroke. It’s called metabolic syndrome.

Berni has struggled with his weight almost all his life – but having lost 25 kilograms, he is now living a healthy lifestyle.

In this series – he shares what he’s learned.

Episode 1. It's Time to Look at Your Body

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With all the advances in medicine and science, the rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer are skyrocketing. Diseases that were almost unheard of a century ago are now pandemics. Why, …

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Episode 2. My Top 3 Secrets for Losing 25 kgs

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People are getting fatter, it seems, by the minute. Obesity, even amongst children, is becoming a global pandemic. Over the past few years, Berni Dymet has lost 25 kgs – that’s 55 lbs – in …

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Episode 3. Food, Exercise and Ageing

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Every minute of every day, you and I are getting older. Have you ever wondered what causes your body to age? Well there’s been a lot of research into that and there are some very simple things you …

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Episode 4. Your Body is Not Your Own

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You have been given the most amazing body. Complex. Intricate. Beautiful. Totally amazing! It’s God’s gift to you – and it’s been purchased with a price. So what makes us think that God’s …

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Ethan Crawshaw

Hi Emma,
Chatted to Berni who said he’s not a great fan of vegan/vegetarian diets. Also, on the carbohydrate point: many of us respond badly to carbohydrates (I am one). For us, it’s not a good thing. For any more info you should definitely have a look at our free eBooklet download here: https://YourGameChanger.org


Hi Bernie,
What are your thoughts on a vegan/vegetarian diet? Have you watched game changers on Netflix?

Are there any environmental factors we should consider when planning our diets?

Also, I was a bit shocked you suggest we eat bacon. My grandparents would never eat bacon- i’ve always understand it to be one of the most carcinogenic meats!

I’m 24, my experience is that my parents generation are ‘scared’ of carbohydrates. But my generation will eat a more natural, environmentally conscious, carbohydrate and plant based diet. Maybe something to think about for your next book 🙂


Hi Berni
I ordered the book you have recommended me by Dr. Michael Mosley. However, the more i read book the more i realize that it is basically concentrating on the people with diabetes. I got my blood sugar levels done and they are perfectly ok. Please guide.

Berni Dymet

Hi Evisha. No salt has nothing to do with weight gain, except that it may cause you to retain a little more water. That’s why people with high blood pressure need to be a bit careful with salt. Salt basically has zero calories – no calories, no weight gain. I don’t have any blood pressure issues, so I use it whenever and however I want.


Thank you Bernie!!

Evisha soneja

Hey Berni God bless you for such a worthy article….actually I wanted to ask you that I’ve heard that salt is also responsible for weight gain…is it true?…..then how should we season our veggies

Berni Dymet

Joana, I only eat real fruit and in small quantities. I stick away from no car a Dan hi sugar fruits like mangoes, pineapples, ripe bananas etc and go for low sugar fruits. Berries are very good. I buy mixed frozen berries and have 100 grams most days with some Greek yoghurt. They are high in antioxidants. A small amount of fruit each day is good. But overloading in fruit just fills you with sugar.

Joana Rodriguez

Hello Berni thank you so much for publishing this article it is in fact really inspiring, i just have one question, do you eat actual fruit? if you do what kinda of fruit?

Berni Dymet

Natasha, that’s very simple. Firstly, we’ve eradicated many of the diseases that used to kill people – typhoid, smallpox, polio, hookworm, etc, etc. Also, in the Secondly, medicine has become very good at prolonging life. For instance, even though the rate of heart attacks has gone up drastically, medicine has become much better at saving those who have heart attacks. The point is that we want to stop things from happening in the first place. Diabetes has increased fourfold since 1980 (http://m.smh.com.au/nsw/the-diabetes-epidemic-up-to-half-a-million-australians-have-this-deadly-disease-without-realising-it-20160407-go0ns1.html). So, that’s the answer.


Hi Berni,

I liked everything you said and thank you for inspiration. I have just one question. You are saying our grand grand parents lived in a world where diabetes, heart disease and stroke were very rare. But how to explain the longevity of life that was very much significantly shorter than now? Think about it..what did they die of and why 40-50 years was an average life span? Looking forward to your answer.

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