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Berni - ceo, Christianityworks

Series: Following Jesus with Confidence (Pt 2)

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The Bible tells us to put our trust, our faith, our confidence in God. That’s a great bit of advice. But when we’re in the middle of adversity in our life, it’s just not that easy to do. Surely in those times, the thing that we really need to know is how to put our trust, our faith and our confidence in God.

Join Berni Dymet in this series – Following Jesus with Confidence – as he opens God’s word to discover … the how.

Episode 1. A Change of Plan – The Holy Spirit

When we have our mind set on something, there’s nothing worse than someone or something coming along and forcing a change of plan on us. After all – our plan … it was a good one. So how do you …

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Episode 2. A Change of Plan – Satan

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So you’re chugging along through life, doing your best to follow Jesus and then all of a sudden, the enemy throws a spanner in the works. You had a good and godly plan to do this for the Lord, …

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Episode 3. The Fog of War

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What you and I would really like is for the future to be plain and clear. But life’s not always like that. Sometimes it feels a bit as though we’re walking through life in a thick fog. Things …

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Episode 4. Slave Mentality

If someone told you that you were a slave, how would you react? Probably like 99.9% of us – you’d exclaim – I’m not a slave, I’m free!! And yet it turns out that many, many people are …

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Episode 5. The Most Important Thing of All

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Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been chatting on the program about following Jesus with confidence. And as we wind up that series, there’s one more thing that I would like to share with you. …

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